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Fieldwork on Luot mountain for master students ... Read more!

đăng 02:25, 30 thg 11, 2018 bởi Kênh Học Tập Và Giải Trí HB
Dear Master students,
I want to send you some information for the fieldwork and data collection on Luot mountain.
- The class will be divided into 4 groups. Each groups will have a measurement tape, a cliper, a Blumleise.
- Each group will set up 2 plots. 1 plot close to the first intersection and 1 plot in the top of the moutain.
- The plot size is 1000 m2 (40m x 25m).
- You must measure: DBH, total height, commercial height, crown width, quality. If you do not understand how to measure, please ask me. Tomorrow I will show you in the class room.
- You must take a lot of photos when you do measurements in the forests. Please take landscape photos (not portrait photos).
- Students must wear field closthes, wear shoes and prepare some water, food and other things if you need.
- I will see you and give some instructions at 8:00, G2 building and then you can go to the forest.
- Please be safe in the forest: do not play, do not hurt other, becarefull with spiders, snakes and so on.
Additional supporting documents for scientific report writing
- If you need anything, please call me: 0981 311 211.
- Good luck and enjoy the fieldtrip.