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All documents for "Introductory Statistics" course, 64 advanced training curriculum ... Read more!

đăng 19:53, 30 thg 7, 2021 bởi HB _TV
Dear Students,
Here are all documents for "Introductory Statistics" course.
I want you to download all of them and save in your laptops' drives to study and prepare for exams.
They are winrar files. They are protected by a password. I will provide you the password in the class.
To download, please click on the document you need, and then may be click on "Download the attachment".
Documents include:
1. Lecture notes (will be continued every week):
+ Chapter I: Descriptive statistics.
+ Chapter II: Estimation theory.
+ Chapter III: Frequency distribution modeling. (Coming soon)

4. Softwares to use:
+ Minitab 20 (link google drive)

5. Exercises
To download, click here!

6. Additional supporting documents for scientific report writing
+ Writing a Scientific Report instruction: Introduction, Method, Result, Discussion...
If you want to discuss me or give comments online, please click here!
If you want to ask me something directly, please make an appointment by emailing me: hungbm@vnuf.edu.vn
And then come and see me at my office: Room 316, A3 building.
You can watch some instruction videos on my Youtube channel: click here!
Best regards,
Dr. Hung Bui