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All documents and presentation requirements for Module: "Forest inventory and biomass", summer training course. Read more!

đăng 19:10, 26 thg 5, 2021 bởi HB _TV   [ đã cập nhật 17:59, 13 thg 6, 2021 ]
Dear Students,
I want to provide you all documents for my muodule: "Forest inventory and biomass"
Please download and save them into your laptop for uses.
1. Lecture notes:
2. Excel data file to practise data analysis, to download please click here!
3. SPSS 20 setup file, to download, please click here! (It will open google drive, then you click on download button)
4. A sheet for field data collection. I will print them out and give to you. If you want to see and download, please click here!
5. Presentation requirements for groups:
- Each group must prepare a powerpoint presentation for 20 minutes. You must send that ppt file to my email: hungbm@vnuf.edu.vn to check plagiarism.
- Each group must divide duty for every member. I mean every member in your group must speak and present something.
- Required contents for the presentation:
  + Title of your presentation: you must think and give a title for your presentation.
  + Your group member information.
  + Natural conditions in your plot area (search on the internet, or go to the library to get some information).
  + Introduction about your work, about your plot, your research.
  + Method: Present data conllection methods you used in the forest, used tools (take photos of tools), showing field pictures .....
  And you must present data analysis methods. Which statistics you use to analyze your data....
  + Result and discussion: Present your raw data, then your analyzed results, and add some discussion and comparison with other research you can find on the internet
   Then you can propose some silvicultural treatment should be apply there: like enrichment planting or thinning or clearance ....
  + Conclusion.
If you want to know who to write a scientific documents, please click here!
6. Assessment criteria
- Good data.
- Good analyzed results.
- Good discussion.
- Good English.
- Good presentation skills.
- Good powerpoint file.
- Good working group skills.
======> Full mark :).
Thank you very much and if you need to discuss and comment, please send me email via: hungbm@vnuf.edu.vn
Or you can discuss online by clicking here!
Dr. Hung Bui