Spss tutorial videos for students ... Click here!

đăng 08:25, 28 thg 3, 2017 bởi Hưng Bùi
Dear Students,
As you want, I list Spss tutorial videos here for you to study. So please spend some time to watch and learn.
If you still do not understands some points, please make an appointment and come and see me at my office.
Best regards,
Dr. Hung Bui

1. How to Use SPSS - Lesson 1 - The SPSS Environment and Variable Properties:

2. Create frequency distribution for discrete variables.

3. Create frequency distribution for continuous variables:
- Step 1: recode the DBH variable, like the following video.
- Step 2: repeat the previous procedures.

4. Descriptive statistics

5. Mean estimation

6. t-test for independent samples

7. t-test for independent samples

8. ANOVA single factor 

9. Linear regression