Lecture notes and some documents for 57 advanced training curriculum class ... Read more!

đăng 06:48, 4 thg 12, 2014 bởi Hưng Bùi   [ đã cập nhật 17:49, 18 thg 12, 2014 ]
Dear students,
Here are some documents for you to download.
- Lecture notes on Data analysis, please click here to download!
Lecture notes on Sampling method and plot establishment, please click here to download!
- Topographic map to download and write the final report, click here!
- Table forms (Word files) to print and prepare for the fieldwork, click here!!
(You use the provided password to unzip the file)
- Lecture notes on final report writing, click here!
- Instruction on the scientific structure, click here!
- Last year documents. These documents were used for 55 advanced training curriculum class in 2013, please click here!
If you have any problem, difficulty or want give comments, send messages or ask questions, please click here!
Best regards,
Hung Bui